Lash Mapping

Welcome to your official guide to Quicklash mapping. In this blog, we'll delve into various lash map combinations, identify which ones suit your eyes best, and guide you through recreating the most popular looks.
What is lash mapping?
Lash mapping is the art of strategically placing cluster lengths to allow for the creation of personalised lash designs with any chosen style. ⁠The choice of lash map can significantly influence the overall appearance of the lashes, as certain maps may better complement specific eye shapes. While it might seem overwhelming at first, we're here to simplify it for you.
Eye Shapes and Lash Mapping
With various eye shapes out there, pinpointing yours can be a challenge. Throughout this guide, we'll touch upon several different eye shapes, but you can also base your lash maps on your desired lash goals.
For instance, if you have hooded eyes, you might aim to create a more open appearance, leading you to select a lash map that achieves this effect. On the other hand, if you have round or monolid eyes, you might prefer to create an elongated look, opting for a lash map tailored to that purpose.
Many beginners start with a cat-eye style to elongate their eyes, while those with hooded eyes may lean towards a doll-eye lash map to create the illusion of a more open eye.⁠
Ultimately, there's no definitive right or wrong answer, and experimenting with different lash maps can be an enjoyable way to find your favorite style.
Cat Eye:
A cat eye lash map uses longer lengths on the outer corner and shorter lengths on the inner corner to achieve an elongated appearance for the eye. As previously mentioned, this lash ma works for most eye shapes and is what most beginners like to start off with.
Half Lash:
A half lash or ‘kitten’ lash map is a more natural version of a cat-eye lash, using only a few clusters on the outer corner for subtle lift. For a subtle everyday look, consider experimenting with the half lash map. Applying just a few clusters to the outer corner of the eye can create a significant difference, providing a natural and seamless lift to the eyes.
Doll Eye:
A doll eye style features the longest lengths at the centre of the eye and shorter ones at both corners to achieve a more open-eyed appearance. This is another widely favored lash map, particularly beneficial if you're using lashes to widen your eyes rather than lengthen them, perfect for hooded eye shapes.
Open or Natural Eye:
For a natural or "open" eye look, arrange the lashes to follow your brow's arch, placing longer lengths parallel to the highest point of your eyebrow. Since this lash map harmonizes with the natural arch of the brow, it suits various eye shapes. Positioning longer lengths at the highest point of your eyebrow ensures that the final lash look enhances your eyes.
Wispy Eye:
A wispy lash features a variation of lengths creating a ‘spiky’ or feathery finish - a lash style often associated with Kim Kardashian. This style enhances the eyes, making them appear larger and elongating the corners to achieve an almond-shaped look and complements both hooded and monolid eye shapes beautifully. If you want to experiment with something fun and fresh, don't overlook the wispy lash map - it's often underrated!
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