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Our Quick Lash system is designed for easy, do it yourself, at-home application. Our QuickLash bond is for use with our QuickLash lashes which feature a very fine, virtually invisible band, providing a very professional finish that lasts up to 5-7 days.

How To

Clean & prep your lashes with a oil free cleanser to ensure your lashes are free from all dirts & oils.

Apply your bond, less is more, dab a small amount of bond at the root of your lashes - do not apply this like a mascara. You can also apply the bond directly to the spine of the QuickLash.

Apply the lash segment underneath your natural lashes, close to the water line but not touching it (around 1-2mm away) complete both eyes & wait 5 minutes before setting.

To set your lashes wait 5 minutes then clamp the lashes with your applicator tool for a secure hold then follow with SuperStay along the base of the lashes only to seal.

When ready to remove, generously coat your lashes with remover, wait 30/40 seconds & gently wipe the lashes away. They should glide of easily, if they don't then apply more remover until they remove with ease. DO NOT remove without remover.

Please ensure you are closing your bond tightly in between each application, if you let too much air into the product the product will become tacky.

We recommend watching our tutorials on Instagram/TikTok before applying. If you are a newbie to the QuickLash system or you want to get all the inside secrets ready our tips page here! You can also become a QuickLash pro by checking out all the information on our 'LEARN' drop down!


Please ensure you carry out a patch test before using any new eye products. Apply a small amount of bond behind your ear (lower section) & wait 24 hours to see if any irritation occurs.

If irritation occurs, rinse the area immediately with warm water for a few minutes, discontinue use of the product straight away. If irritation persists please seek medical advise. 

Ingredients: Acrylates, Aqua, Carbon Black.