Dream Big - pre mapped QuickLashes
Dream Big - pre mapped QuickLashes

Dream Big - pre mapped QuickLashes

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Our QuickLash 'PREMAPPED' lashes are here to change your lash game.. applied at home, in less than 5 minutes AND they last 5-7days! 

  • Pre-cut ready for you to apply in segments as they are set out on the tray

  • Clear band aiding a professional style finish 

  • Mix of C & D curl for a fluffy finish

  • Reusable when washed & cared for correctly  

Care information

How to apply

Step 1 : Clean & prep your lashes with a oil free cleanser to ensure your lashes are free from all dirts & oils.

Step 2: Apply your bond, less is more, dab a small amount of bond at the root of your lashes - do not apply this like a mascara. You can also apply the bond directly to the spine of the QuickLash.

Step 3: Apply the lash segment underneath your natural lashes, close to the water line but not touching it (around 1-2mm away) complete both eyes & wait 5 minutes before setting. 

Step 4: To set your lashes clamp them with your applicator tool for a secure hold then follow with SuperStay along the base of the lashes only to seal.