Are you struggling with your QuickLashes? We would love to be able to help you. We hope we have covered your issue below - but if not please do not hesitate to contact us.

My lashes feel sticky after applying, the bond doesn't seem to set..

You are applying too much bond. Next time you apply your QuickLashes please use less bond, you should dab the bond at the root of your lash then apply one light coat over the rest of your lashes. If you apply too much bond you may experience a tacky feeling on the lashes. Our SUPERSTAY will also help take away any tacky residue.

My lashes are not lasting as long as I hoped...

This could be for many different reasons but we will cover the most common below!

  • not enough bond, try applying a little more bond on your next application
  • you are not clamping them together after application, this is really important! Once you have finished application use your fingers or your application to clamp the QuickLashes with your natural lashes for a longer lasting finish
  • your lashes were not clean & free from oil/dirt before application
  • you use a oil based cleanser/serum/eye product - you should not use any oil based products when wearing QuickLashes as this will break the bond down
  • you have excessively oily skin especially around the eye area