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cute lashes

super cute, arent heavy, didn’t take long to apply and if you mess up micellar water gets them off.

Best lashes to date!

I used to get lash extensions all the time and to be honest the damage they were causing my natural lashes was insane! I saw amor lashes online and could resist! I was a bit Sceptical at first as I’m not good with fiddly things however these were perfect. So easy to apply comfy to wear and my natural lashes aren’t harmed during the process! Will certainly be purchasing again. Everyone asks me where I get them done and are shocked when I say I do them myself as they look like professionally done lashes when applied!! X x

The best lashes!

These are front row in D curl 14mm and they are amazing. They last so well and are so quick to do


The best lashes I’ve tried and I’m hard to please with lashes!

So easy!

Perfect for the natural classic lash look! Easy to put on and wouldn’t use any other lashes now! X

'DREAM BIG'- pre mapped QuickLashes
Shelby Slocombe 31/08/2020 20:35

My absolute fav 😍 These lashes are amazing, I have been wearing the quick lash system since September and I wouldn’t wear anything else! I have had dream big on since Xmas day and they are still going strong 7 days on! Can’t wait to try my front row ribbon lash next. Xx


Front row was my first order with you guys! And they did not fail. I always get asked where I get my lashes done and people are shocked when I tell them I did them myself. These are great for beginners, litterally take 5 minutes! My set have been on for over 5 days now no problem! If you look after them they last!

Game changer!!

I used to get lash extensions done but they start to add up. I was always scared that I might not like the shape my lash tech would do as I have hooded eyes. But Amor Lashes are LIFECHANGING! I actually really enjoy having that me time doing my lashes and they look so good! Have already repurchased! (10,12mm tease in the photo)

Unreal lashes 👀💗

Came across these lashes on tiktok and honestly there amazing!
Get so many compliments on them asking where I got them done.
Last up to 9/10 days wash and reapply!
So quick and easy to apply and done in less than 10 minutes♥️


I'm not usually one for wearing eyelashes, always struggled with strip lashes but really wanted to give these ago. I love them! So easy to apply once you get the hang of it and this is the third time I've worn this set after removing and cleaning them! They've lasted me 5 days or more each time 👏 these are tease, 14mm, curl D

Couldn’t fault them

Absolute game changer , I really struggle to wear strip lashes just can’t get them on but these are so lightweight and easy to wear, I had to remove them after 5 days to go back to work but they would of lasted longer


Stunning lashes that take under 5 mins!! I wear size 14 mm


These lashes are INSANE. They took me 4 minutes to do and have lasted a whole week! I don’t really know why I didn’t try them before! The Double Trouble are certainly a more dramatic lash style, but I got these mainly for the Christmas party season! I’ve ordered more as soon as they were restocked and I will certainly never stop buying them! They’re also so easy to apply, I recommend practise putting them on before you put the bond on so you can work at the best angle! I’m wearing 14mm in D curl!

Hannah leigh savage

Wow. Well the spotlight will deffo be on me won’t it?!
Blown away by these 😍😭 how gorg are they. Just took crowd pleaser off that I had on last week. So they are now soaking so time for a change. I went for spotlight in 16mm and D curl. I went all out and even double stacked them 🥵🥵
I mean come on?! I deffo would 💦💦

Deffo treat yourself to these. You won’t look back at all!!! I used to have Russians done with fortnightly infills. Now it takes me 10 mins in bed and I don’t need to speak to anyone! Winner winner!!

Apply glue to own lashes. Wait a min. Apply with tweezers. Then for second layer I apply glue to the lash I way to attach.
All lashes. Attach below your natural lash and give no damage.

Thankyou Amor Lashes 😘

Love these

So easy to put on especially for my first time and so beautiful will definitely be buying more!!!


Absolutely love these lashes. As an absolute first timer I couldn’t believe how easy they were to apply. I’m 5 days in and they are still going strong and haven’t budged at all. I put them on ready for labour and I deffo think they’ll go the distance. Ive even just ordered another 2 lots of lashes ready for once baby girl arrives. Bye bye strip lashes it was nice knowing you for the last 10 years but these have taken your place!

The very best!!

Cannot recommend these lashes enough! I’m useless with lashes normally but first time applying these and I was done within 15 minutes with lashes that currently have lasted me 7 days and still going strong!
The service was also fantastic! I ordered these last minute on Xmas Eve Eve and I was able to collect at a time that suited me on Christmas Eve!!

Absolutely AMAZING!!

I first come across these on Instagram and then took the plunge to by the christmas set which I received style double trouble 10mm volume D curl - which are amazing first go applying them and it literally took 10 minutes max and lasted just over 5 days amazing! I have even ordered more different lash ribbons length to try out!!


I honestly cannot believe how easy these lashes are to apply. Especially for someone who struggles sooooo much to put on normal strip lashes! I took them off today due to wanting a new set but they lasted me 7 days and would’ve lasted me way longer if I decided to keep them on! Highly recommend and I cannot wait to get my next set 😁

At Home Lash Extensions

As a stay at home mom of 3, I barely have time to pamper myself. I stumbled across TikTok one day of this system, and fell in love. I’m in the US, and have seen nothing like this. I ordered Double Trouble in all sizes and I am obsessed. So many compliments, and they look and feel just like lash extensions for a THIRD of the price. I have cleaned, reused, and reapplied and they’re perfect. Thank you so much for making me feel like a woman again with this product!

Absolutely incredible

Total game changer!!
These lashes are amazing, they take 5-10 min application, mine lasted 10 days 😁
I don't normally wear lashes buy I thought I would try these and honestly I will never look back, they make me feel pretty even without any other make up.

QuickLash Starter Kit
Emily Collins
Less than 15mins to do

Love my quick lash system, so easy, quick and comfortable and sooo affordable especially after having extensions every 2-3weeks :-)

Love them!

Wearing 12mm Tease. First time trying Amour lashes and so happy I did because I am in love with these lashes! I love everything about them, they look so natural, they are really lightweight and so easy to apply. I've had them on for 5 days now and had so many compliments on them.


I am a mum of 4 my youngest is disabled and it's hard for me to feel like a woman (hair always in a bun, no sleep constant stays in hospital) I tried these lashes a.d they are so easy to apply and with maximum effect!!! Im just about to put in another order I cannot be without these in my.life! Thank you for making me feel pampered in the 5 mins I get.to myself xx


I went for some pre mapped ‘dream big’ lashes for my birthday and I’m obsessed with how they look I do also love the ribbons of Tease 14/16 in D curl as I feel I can get a similar look and have loads more to keep me stocked up!