SuperStay Old Style

SuperStay Old Style

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OLD STYLE SUPERSTAY..  we have just re designed the head of the SuperStay for easier application but this still does the same job!

Our SuperStay sets & seals your QuickLashes (IT IS NOT A BOND)

Helping to remove any 'sticky' residue, sets the bond & helps to provide a longer lasting finish to your QuickLash set.

To be used in conjunction with our QuickLash Bond sold separately, apply your QuickLash set as normal with your bond, clamp them down and then use your SuperStay to Set & Seal.

IMPORTANT NOTICE (INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS ONLY) Please do not order our Bond/SuperStay if your country’s temperature is currently under 0 degrees, if you decide to carry on & order we can not be held responsible for any issues that arise following this warning. Our bond can not withstand very cold temperatures (minus 1 degrees & under)