Welcome to the Amor Lash Community

Hey! My name is Lucy & I am the proud owner of Amor Lashes. I launched QuickLashes in 2021 amongst the chaos of juggling three young children and like many busy mums, I found myself longing for a little self-care but struggled to find the time and I didn't have the extra funds to visit the salon.

Feeling disheartened while scrolling through Instagram, surrounded by seemingly perfect beauty standards, I knew there had to be a better way. it became evident: the beauty industry needed a change to enable everyone to recreate these looks from the comfort of their own home and thats when QuickLashes were born, they changed the lash game allowing individuals just like me to feel a little more like them in the comfort of their own home. 

Our products are for everyone - no matter your age, gender or ethnicity; an inclusive and empowered family is what our glowing community is all about.

When I initially launched QuickLashes, we sold out within minutes, and the products quickly went viral, gaining online traction and winning awards such as 'Rated Best Buy' By the Independent. Today, we're proudly stocked on renowned stores like Sephora and Superdrug. From starting in the spare room of my house to where we stand now, the journey has been nothing short of incredible!

Our customers often share how our products have transformed their lives. While some may perceive them as just eyelashes, to many, they represent so much more than that. It's a feeling, radiating confidence and beauty from within. At Amor Lashes, we're passionate about empowering women to feel their best. We believe that everyone deserves to experience this feeling, regardless of their circumstances and thats why we're so proud of our journey, and becoming a small part to help enable the feeling of empowerment and confidence directly from the comfort of your home.

Since we started, we've expanded our product lineup from a handful of lash styles to an extensive array of styles, lengths, and innovative lash bonds. And there's still plenty more to come! We love to hear your feedback on our products and see your selfies, so don't hesitate to share your feedback and selfies with us on social media @amorlasheuk.

I am so proud to have built a global community of QuickLashers - as a small business, we have always relied on the support and loyalty of our customers & our customers will always be the heart of our brand - we do all of this for you. So, from the bottom of my heart thank you for supporting my small business and if you're looking for a supportive community and have a love for small businesses, join us on our journey to redefine beauty and empower women worldwide. Come & say hello lets all be friends.

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We have a Facebook group dedicated to our community, please feel free to post in the group if you have any questions or if you just want to show of your latest favourite style - we love to see your selfies!