Application & Tips!


I've put this page together for anyone that is just starting off with our QuickLash system or for anyone that wants to know all the tips & tricks that I have found through experience with using the system.

Firstly, a bit of info on the system! Our QuickLash system is a 'DIY' at home eyelash extension kit, they are designed for wear from anything from 1-7 days. You apply the lashes underneath your natural eyelashes with our specialised bond. Our QuickLash lashes are designed for undereye application - they are featured on a superfine band and made up of clusters (we do not recommend using strip lashes with the Bond)

So keep reading if you want to hear all the inside secrets!

Clean and prep your lashes, before starting your lashes need to be free of any dirt and oils. Our bond breaks down with oils so this is super important to ensure your lashes are oil free - do not prep your natural lashes with an oil based cleanser. 

Wait for your lashes to be completely dry before you start the application, in this time you can prep your application area. We recommend setting up a mirror in front of you lower than your eyes & angled up so you can look down into the mirror - this gives you a better view up underneath your lash line.

Before starting application, curl you natural lashes, the lift helps you to see better when applying. Curling your lashes really does help with application.

When ready to start the application, dab the bond onto the root of your lashes then run a light coat through to the tips. A little goes a long way, have a clean spooly at the ready if you feel your lashes have clumped at all or you have applied a little too much bond just run the clean spooly through your natural lashes to remove some bond. I also sometimes use another technique when applying the bond, I run the bond applicator along the band of the eyelash rather than applying the bond to my natural lashes & this achieves the same finish :)

The QuickLashes need to be placed 1-2mm away from the waterline, you need to be able to see the root of the lashes after applying. QuickLashes are designed to be lightweight and you should not be able to feel them – if you can feel them then your placement is not correct.

When removing the QuickLash from the tray, do this with your fingers to ensure no hairs are pulled from the band. Then hold the QuickLash right at the tip with your applicator tool, this helps with the application process as the QuickLashes will be the first thing to touch your natural lashes, not the applicator.

When working with placement you can decide what way you work and you may want to play around with this to find what suits you best, you can work from outer corner in or inner corner out or even start from the middle – just find what works best for you by experimenting!

Perfect application is all in the angle, firstly most importantly you need to work to the natural curve of your eye, tilting your lash on your applicator to match the curve of your eye is important . This is also where looking down into the mirror helps as you to see up under your natural lashes. When applying you want the QuickLash band to touch your lashes first & then scoop the quicklash up to bond with the tips of your natural lashes. Work on getting the angle of application correct – this really does help! 

If you are not happy with your placement then you can fix it! Just gently remove the QuickLash you have just applied with the application tool & re apply. Practice really does make perfect, don't be put off if it takes a few attempts to get your application correct, take your time when applying your first few sets & you will soon have your technique & be able to apply in minutes!

You can play with lash maps, different placement, lengths & styles to create custom sets.

Do not apply mascara to the QuickLashes.

If the QuickLashes are getting stuck to your applicator during application, this is where you have bond residue on the applicator. Wipe the applicator in-between segment with rubbing alcohol to remove the residue. 

I hope this helps, if you have any questions feel free to ask! We have loads of application/removal tutorials on our Instagram & TikTok so be sure to check them out too!