QuickLash Style Guide

If you want to keep it natural go for Tease, Classique or Front Row
If you want a more day/night glam go for Date Night, Spotlight, Crowd
For a GLAM look go for Double Trouble or Fierce.


Tease & Classique - Cute & Fluttery

Date Night - Similar to Tease but has a bit more umph!

 Front Row - Lightweight & has all the curl!

Double Trouble & Fierce - The GLAM sets! 

Crowd Pleaser - our BOLD Day to Night GLAM - Russian lash vibe! 

Spotlight - perfect if you like a spikey lash, ft different lengths throughout 

Watch the videos below for more help on choosing your style, don't forget to check out customer reviews to view photos of the lashes on customers & watch our TikTok & Instagram videos for more style videos!