Welcome to our October round up where we discuss all that's happened over the last month. And we’ve had another great one! So let's pick up where we left off…

What The Fluff…

On September 30th we launched our ‘What The Fluff’ collection - 3 brand new fluffy QuickLashes styles and our most highly anticipated launch yet. As we discussed in our last round up, you guys went absolutely crazy for it. Towards the end of October, we completely sold out of all what the fluff stock - a record for the quickest collection sellout to date. We ordered enough stock in that we would have hoped to last for months and you guys sold it out in less than 30 days. But don't worry, these will be coming back in the next couple of months and we are even testing out a new fourth style to add to this collection!

Brush on bond launch

After a month full of product launches last month, this mini launch was the last of them for a short while. A brand new bond style with a brush applicator, developed for the QuickLash-ers who prefer applying bond to the spine of the lash cluster. Another successful drop, with many of you opting for this new method! This now means there are 5 different bond options tailored to each individuals' preferences and needs.

Glossy Box Event

As you may or may not have seen on our socials, this year we have had the pleasure of being featured in the Glossy Box Advent Calendar! Last year, we had our very own Glossy calendar in the office and took it in turns to open the doors, we even pretended to take one of the products out and put in some QuickLashes. Some may say we manifested it, but fast forward a year and we are an official feature for 2023.

To celebrate this, Glossy Box invited us up to Manchester to their Advent Calendar Event. As a small team, it is usually difficult for us to take part in events but we are so glad that we made the most of this opportunity. The venue was beautifully decorated, the food was amazing and above all we met some lovely people. We were even asked to do a small talk about the brand and the product, and were sent home with some pretty amazing gift bags.

Oh we couldn't not include a little section to highlight that the glossy box calendar was also featured on This Morning with our little lashes making their television debut!

Christmas is calling…

The Christmas vibes at the Glossy Box event was all we needed to put Christmas in full swing… meaning all of our Christmas range including our 12 days of QuickLash advent calendar were finally available to shop! Last years products were so popular so we were so excited to bring them back. We may or may not be working on a couple of Christmas extras that will be launching next month… So keep your eyes peeled for that!

Our growing team!

Last month we welcomed Mel and Carly to our packing team who have absolutely smashed their first month! We have also welcomed Emily to the team and in the process of taking on Amor team member number 9! We can't thank you all enough for keeping us so busy and we can't wait to smash another busy month ahead.


Team Amor


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